When a firm buys another firm. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Receipt, by a person registered or liable to be registered for VAT, of goods that have been supplied by a registered person in another European Union ( EU) Member State and removed from there to the UK. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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acquisition ac‧qui‧si‧tion [ˌækwˈzɪʆn] noun FINANCE
1. [countable, uncountable] when one company buys another one, or part of another one:

• the group's acquisition of 85 stores in California

2. [countable] a company or part of a company that is bought by another company:

• The group's latest acquisition is a sportswear firm.

ˈbootstrap acquiˌsition [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
a way of buying a company over a period of time. You buy some shares which you then use to borrow more money to buy more shares, each time promising to give them to the lender if you fail to make repayments on your loan:

• The company has been growing through a series of bootstrap acquisitions.

ˈbust-up acquiˌsition [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
when one company is buying another and uses the assets of the company they want to buy as security to obtain a loan with which to buy that company

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   The purchase by one company of another, for cash, an exchange of shares, or a combination of both. The process, also known as a takeover, can be friendly and have the agreement of the acquired company. Or it can be hostile, when the target rejects the approach and tries to resist being acquired. A takeover or acquisition is usually done with the help of an investment bank and its M&A, or mergers and acquisition, division.

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acquisition UK US /ˌækwɪˈzɪʃən/ noun
[C] FINANCE something that is bought by a company, such as another company, a building, or a piece of land: complete/make an acquisition »

Management intend to use the cash to make acquisitions.

finance/fund an acquisition »

The company will fund the acquisition from its existing cash resources.

big/large/major acquisitions »

If the company doesn't make any big acquisitions this year, it will hand back cash to shareholders.


a potential/proposed/recent acquisition


Investment banks were changing rapidly into financial supermarkets whose business increasingly revolved around mergers and acquisitions.

Compare MERGER(Cf. ↑merger)
[U] FINANCE the act of buying something such as a company, a building, or a piece of land: acquisition of sth »

There were many additional costs related to the company's acquisition of Walker Software.


land acquisition


A spokesman confirmed that the company was in acquisition talks.

[U] the process of getting something: acquisition of sth »

System changes will lead to the modification of the project and the acquisition of new resources and skills.


Hong Kong manufacturers are meeting the challenge through effective procurement and technology acquisition.

Compare ACQUIRE(Cf. ↑acquire)
See also BOOTSTRAP ACQUISITION(Cf. ↑bootstrap acquisition), BUST-UP TAKEOVER(Cf. ↑bust-up takeover), CUSTOMER ACQUISITION(Cf. ↑customer acquisition)

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